Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's December, soooo...

...the cookie baking has begun! I always make a bunch of different batches of cookies each year. I have several new kinds this list has about 10 different cookies. I think I picked some good ones...we'll see how they turn out.

I'm starting earlier than usual because my FET will be sometime around the 20th, 21st, 22nd (it's hard to know exactly until right around that time) and afterwards I'm not doing much of ANYTHING, for several days. Post-transfer/implantation is probably the only time during IF when all those people who've been telling you to "relax" are right :)

I'd post pics but I'm not actually baking them right now...I'm just making them and freezing the dough.

Decorating officially begins now too. Frank and I are going to get our tree this afternoon...then our nieces are coming over and staying for a sleepover. Hopefully they'll be interested in helping out with trimming the tree, but usually when they come here they run right upstairs to their 'hideaway' (otherwise known as our attic/4th bedroom, which we completely gutted and renovated) and disappear for a while. Cute.

Everyone moving along with their holiday shopping? I'm about 90% finished. Jealous? :) It's so liberating to not have to worry about it as the holidays get less thing to stress about. Online shopping RULES. The UPS man and I are best buds!

Frank and I are keeping it simple with each other this year. All we're wishing for is a BFP and a healthy pregnancy. Although, I did tell him I'll be picking out a nice piece of jewelry for my birthday :)


Gillian said...

LOL I'm getting the 12 days of cookies emailed to me from FoodNetwork, and I'm very happy with what they've sent so far.. since I'm not working, this would be a GREAT oppotunity for me to get some baking done, and you've inspired me to start!

I hope Santa has already started working, because there are a few special miracles that I hope he brings to people I know this year! ;-)

soapchick said...

Welcome to blogland. I'm also a fellow November bride, a few months older than you, going for our 2nd IVF in late January. I hope your next cycle is a SUCCESS!