Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thank god for gift bags

I HATE wrapping gifts. Hate hate hate it. Probably because I suck at it :)

Even though this was supposed to be a "light" Christmas, the boxes have taken over our house. There are more gifts than I remember buying. That's the thing about online's so damn convenient, open 24 hours, available all the time...I can't keep track of all my purchases.

And unfortunately, I'm not done yet. Only a few more, but still...I want to get this finished. My deadline of having all things holiday related completed by December 15 is quickly approaching.

So I started wrapping, um, bagging gifts today. And I realized a few things:

1- There are MANY gifts that are too tall to sit under our tree. Our short, stubby tree. Uber annoying.

2- I miss Grandma so much.

3- I am going to have to wrap at least SOME of the kids' gifts the traditional way. They need to be able to tear open their presents. This I understand.

4- I hope and pray MORE NOW THAN EVER that this is the last holiday season we are childless. I don't know if I can handle another year of what we've been through...I really don't.

Ok, who wants to come over and help me wrap? I'll pay you back with food and wine. Can't beat that! :)


Amy said...

Hey Melissa - I love love love wrapping. I can come over and help if you really want. :) (not joking)

I actually find it calming.

Page me on the Nest.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) from the Nest

Adrienne said...

I hate wrapping presents but I've heard about your cooking so I'd be willing to dive from VA to NJ to help you in return for that :)

Happy wrapping and I hope you finish it all soon!

theresa said...

I love gift bags and always promise I am going to use them and then feel guilty! I did cheat this year and mailed all of my gifts to NJ without one bow or ribbon. Generally I am the ribbon and bow Queen. I guess I might as well have used a gift bag! I am always checking in and thinking about you. You are in my prayers wishing for nothing but great things!

Enza said...

I'll bring dessert!

Gillian said...

You cook one of your favorites and I'll bring the chianti.. Don just got a new one in at the store that is DELISH!! ;-)

2008 HAS to be better, right?! I mean.. in the way of sickness, death and all around suckiness, 2007 has been BAD for a LOT of us..

Delilah said...

My wish for all of us facing TTTC is that we get our miracles in 2008. Oh and my sister's don't call me Martha Stewart for nothing! Bring on the wrapping!