Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stressed out much?

On Sunday, Frank was cleaning off and warming up my car, then he hopped in his truck to go to Shoprite. He called me while he was out to see what I wanted for lunch, and I asked him where my car key was...he said it was in his truck.

Yesterday I went looking for my key and couldn't find it. I used my spare one and when I called him asking about the key, he said, 'oh, I put it in the nook (it's an area in our hallway where the keys go)...or maybe it's still in my truck. I don't know, I'll check later'. I had checked the nook and it wasn't there...

So, he gets home last night and looks in his truck. No key. He checks his
jacket he was wearing on Sunday...still no key. He starts ripping the
house apart, and now he's getting annoyed. Meanwhile, I'm mad because I'm thinking he dropped the key at Shoprite...how irresponsible can he be...how much is the key going to cost to replace (they're expensive!), etc, etc...

We go to bed not exactly happy with each other. LOL.

He always leaves before me in the morning...so today, as I was starting to pull out of the driveway, I realize I left my laptop inside. As I head toward the house I fall...HARD...on the ice. I determine that I'm still in one piece and start getting up...look down the driveway...and low and behold, I see my key. Right there, on the driveway (it must have been under my car). I couldn't help but chuckle, just a little bit...and then proceeded to drag my sore body back into the house for my laptop.

So I called him on the way into work and we both got a good laugh out of it, even though i'm in MAJOR pain. Everything from my head to my fingers to my ass to my leg to my foot (all on my left side) is KILLING me.

At least it didn't happen AFTER I got impregnated this week.

A friend of mine, who coincidentally got engaged on the same exact day as us 3 years ago, wished me a 'Happy Engagement Anniversary' this morning. I then realize...it was yesterday. Yeah, I know, it's not a big deal...but Frank and I have only been together for slightly longer than that, and NEVER forget landmark dates in our relationship.

I guess my point is, the stress has really gotten to us...I mean, who goes to bed angry with each other over a missing car key? We shouldn't be going to bed angry about ANYTHING.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...WE NEED A VACATION. And, we need for it to be 2008. That, or 2007 has to end on a GREAT note.


Erica said...

After the year you've had, you NEED 2007 to just be over. Sorry you fell, but I guess you just needed some sense knocked into you huh? I'll be thinking about you on thursday.

Will they have his eyes? said...

There are so many of us praying for 2007 to be over!!!

Good luck when you get "impregnated" :D

Gia said...

Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow!!

Janine said...

Glad you found your key and hope you feel better! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!!!

fingerbang said...

vibes to you and frank!

Gillian said...

OMG.. funny story, but certainly not your falling!!! You'll probably feel even WORSE tomorrow, sorry. :-(

You KNOW I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and sending every last positive vibe I can!! A lot of us just need 2007 to end so we can start fresh, happy and healthy in the new year!!