Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's add it up, shall we?

I have to start by saying that Frank and I are VERY thankful that we have insurance coverage for IF, even if it's only temporary. Also, we don't like to make the financial aspect a big issue, since this is a HUGE goal for us and we'll do just about anything to achieve it.

BUT, I need to vent. Isn't that what this blog is for? :)

This post started because I was thinking about how I have to stop at the pharmacy on my way home and pick up $85 worth of prescriptions. And that's only for TWO of my meds...two out of who-knows-how-many.

The insurance coverage, by the way, is my COBRA plan...which costs us almost $500 a month. Yes, I'm covered under Frank's insurance, but it covers practically NOTHING regarding IF. And as I've mentioned here before, it expires in June. Oh, and copays on my plan are $30. When you're going to the doctor anywhere from 2-7 times a week, that adds up.

Even before we started seeing an RE, the amount of money spent on ovulation kits, tests, and monitors...pregnancy tests (seems like I've taken a MILLION of these)...and all the other 'accessories' needed when you're in that limbo stage (Preseed, etc)...I have no idea what the total cost is, but no matter what it is, it was all money pretty much thrown out the window.

Also, since Frank isn't covered under my insurance, we have to pay out of pocket for any of his procedures (sperm anaylses, etc.). Again, I have no idea what the tally on that is.

Oh and my acupuncturist, who I truly adore, and who I can't quit because she's helped me get pregnant twice...2 times a week at $75 a pop. Nope, she's not covered under insurance either.

No coverage for embryo freezing and everything associated with that either (which you pay for an entire year, no matter how long they're stored)...and let's not even get started on what the bill for our PGD testing will be, IF (and again, I say it in the most positive way) this FET cycle doesn't work.

And if you think my RE is the only doctor I see, think again. There are others who take up my precious time by poking and prodding me and figuring out why I'm broken. They cost money too.

Wow, didn't I start this post by saying the financial aspect of IF wasn't a big deal for us? LOL. Maybe I was wrong...just a LITTLE wrong.

It ain't stopping us though. At least not yet.

SIDE NOTE: Dad's out of the hospital. He's not feeling better, and they can't figure out WTF is going on. But, at least his levels are somewhat back to normal and he's home, back on his couch. Thanks to those who sent their well wishes.


Delilah said...

First of all, glad to hear that your Dad is home in his own comfortable element. Hoping you get some understanding as to what is ailing him soon.

As for your main topic: I completely understand your frustration! We have NO IF coverage and our minimal procedure is going to cost anywhere from $1850-$3500. That's on top of all we have spent on testing. We've also spent ridiculous amounts of money on fertility monitors, OPK's, and thank god for the dollar tree HPT's!

Gillian said...

Wow. You are amazing.. I can't imagine and will never try to.. you BOTH have so much strength to strive towards your goal!

Adrienne said...

I'm glad to hear your dad is home. I hope you guys get some answers soon as to what is causing him to be so sick.

I honestly had no idea you had to go through so much during this process. I can only say that I find your strength absolutely amazing and I hope with all of my heart that you and Frank are successful this time.

Karen said...

Hi there, I am so glad to hear your Dad is back at home safe and sound. Hopefully he will start feeling like himself again here soon.
I wish you well in your IF journey, it is such a difficult thing to bear and the finanaces only make things worse, don't they? I pray God blesses you soon.