Monday, March 31, 2008

2 great doctor appointments!

Everything's looking good, as per my endocrinologist and my OB. I'm now off the metformin and although my insulin has increased, it's better than being on both. My fasting number has been a little higher than usual the past few days though...we'll see what happens by the end of the week.

I got to hear Annabella's heartbeat again today, after a 15 minute struggle with the doppler (she was moving a LOT!)...152. She's an active one! It still brings me to tears when I hear can it not...she is truly a miracle.

I also got a note from my OB to 'do the spa' next week while we're on vacation. I'm looking forward to a much-needed facial...and just relaxing in general. Frank needs it a lot more than I do, that's for sure...the poor guy's been working like a dog.

Oh, we picked up the glider yesterday (the rest of the furniture will be delivered whenever we want it) our first piece of baby furniture is in the house. It's in the living room right now, since we still have to clear out the nursery...I think if it were up to Frank it would stay in the living room, LOL...that's how much he likes it! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting bigger...

It's getting obvious. People who see me say right away, "you have a belly"! And when I'm in bed, it's becoming quite clear that stomach sleeping ain't happening anymore.

Then I see someone who's further along than me with barely anything going on. Ugh. I can't even be the cute pregnant girl. Oh excuse is that I'm having a girl and she's draining all my beauty out of me. It's true, right? Please tell me it's true.

I haven't taken pics yet because we (correction: Frank) lost the camera battery charger so we haven't been able to use the camera. The new one should be coming soon...I promise I'll take a few (with my shirt ON) then.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Furniture shopping was a success!

Who knew it would be so easy to find something I loved? The fact that everything looks pretty much the same (to me, anyway) made it easier...but regardless, we are SO glad that it's picked out and paid for. All we have to do is schedule delivery when we're ready...we'll probably have it delivered shortly before my shower.

And, Frank is THRILLED that he doesn't have to put anything together. LOL.

Here's a link to the furniture (we ordered it in cherry):
Munire Furniture - Essex collection

And the glider/ottoman (also ordered in cherry):
Dutailier Extra-Large Sleigh glider/ottoman

It's all coming goal is to have it all done before July so I can do NOTHING the last two months of my pregnancy except relax down the shore :) Here's hoping!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Guess I should've mentioned earlier...

So, many of you have asked if we have a name picked out, especially since I referenced our little girl in an earlier post as Baby A...well, yes, we do. We were TTC for over 2 would guess that the topic of choosing names had to come up at some point :)

Truth is, we agreed on two names (one girl, one boy) pretty quickly and had them picked out before we were even married. Who knew it would take SO LONG to actually put one to use?

Soooo, her name will be Annabella Josephine. Josephine was my grandma's name, and also my middle name. Annabella has no significance...we just like it

There it is...the big reveal! ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


How is it possible to be so tired yet have major difficulty falling asleep? What's going to happen when I'm even bigger than I am now? Ugh. The snoogle helps but it's not doing the trick...

Yeah, I know, this is my body's way of 'preparing me' for when the baby comes. If one more person tells me that, I may have to deck them. How about, my body should be giving me all the sleep I need NOW since it's not happening in my future?

Fortunately, I'm feeling GREAT otherwise. I'm loving the second trimester!

Meanwhile, I STILL haven't bought a single thing for her. How long has it been now since we found out she's a least 3 weeks, right? This is so unlike me. I'm thinking this rainy Sunday afternoon, in addition to getting a few necessary things done around the house, will involve some online shopping :) Let's see if I can find some good sales...anyone know of any?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wait a sec...I'm pregnant?

Yeah, this is all still a little surreal to couple that with the 'ease' of the second trimester, and there have definitely been moments when I have to remind myself there's a pea cooking in there!

It's usually in the middle of the day...when I'm not taking any drugs or injecting myself with a needle, and when I'm not as tired. I have been getting headaches (common in the 2nd tri, so 'they' say) but they come and go and aren't too bad.

Yesterday I started cleaning out the room that will be A's nursery, and got SO tired SO wiped me out for the rest of the day! Crazy.

I always remember in the middle of the night though...when I'm up and down for bathroom breaks and when my boobs decide to become hard as rocks. Tough to forget during those times. LOL.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She's looking good!

Got to see our little peanut again today...all is well. She was pretty mellow, actually...guess she was napping or something. Heart rate was 154. It was good to see her again...I'm still not used to the infrequent ultrasounds.

Oh, and I finally told my nieces that they're going to get a new cousin (they didn't know I was pregnant) and that it's a girl...they are so excited! I know they're looking forward to treating her like their little doll...I on the other hand am looking forward to them being able to babysit her in a few years :)

In other news...the insulin is fine, as are the belly shots. Nothing new about that to me. My blood sugar really seems to be becoming a major issue with this pregnancy...which concerns me somewhat...but we couldn't possibly be any more on top of it than we are already. Just have to take it day by day...

And, I started registering! Fun stuff! And quite overwhelming! If any moms out there have any favorite products, items, websites, etc (or things to stay away from)...please let me know...I'm open to suggestions :)