Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gotta love PCOS!

I saw my endocrinologist today (who is a GREAT doctor, but a tough cookie) and she ALREADY has me testing my glucose twice a day. I have to keep track of it and fax her my results each week. And, she made it VERY clear that I need to stay away from carbs.

Anyone who's been pregnant before knows this is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to do in the first trimester. Bread, pasta, potatoes...they've been a pretty good friend during those waves of nausea (which have been more and more frequent).

Oh well...guess I can throw away those extra mashed potatoes I made last night! Think of me while I shove salad down my throat while trying not to gag.

The prize is WELL WORTH IT...that's for sure.


Gillian said...

Ginger.. it's supposed to be a known 'cure-all' for MS, so I hear. I'm not too much help though, since I never got MS w/Toby, just nausea. :-(

But, at the very least, maybe you can make some kind of ginger salad dressing?? What about milk? Anything to coat the stomach would help, I'd imagine.

Did your doc give you any suggestions on how to combat the nausea while staying away from carbs?!?! Good luck.. and I am so THRILLED to keep reading your blog! This is going to be a fun ride! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa.. I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy and had to test my sugar level 4x a day. I was on a strict diet.. I was able to eat carbs just a certain amount per day.... It was a pain! But you are absolutely right... the prize at the end is so well worth it!!!

Good luck with this.. You'll be fine :)

Irma (mambomama)

Adrienne said...

Ginger ale was my best friend during my horrible m/s! I lived on it for weeks. Hopefully they'll let you add the carbs back in soon...either way you are right that it is worth the prize at the end!!

leona said...

I had gestational diabetes while I was PG too it helped me lose a lot of weight after the baby (I lost an additional 20 pounds and didn't have to do anything). I had to test my levels 4 times a day and it was really annoying. You're right it is so worth it for the end product!

Veronica (vegaslady17) said...

Gingerale helped with my nauseau.

I'm glad that everything is going well. I love to read your blog. I've noticed that you don't post often about your pregnancy so I like to read update here.

Good luck!

Catherine said...

Giiiiirl, I know what you're feeling! Although it wasn't this early on in my pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes. From March-June I was on a strict diet and ate so much salad I can't believe I didn't turn into a lettuce leaf. I also had to test my blood sugar several times a day and was forced to take a 15 minute walk each day (not an easy task when you are HUGE and uncomfortable). But like you said, the prize at the end is SO WORTH IT! Hang in there!!

Catherine (cat429)

Anonymous said...

No carbs?? Oh man...there's no way I could do that! Just today I've had an english muffin & a bagel...& I want another bagel!! :-)

You're right though, the prize is well worth it.

Kelly (irish1114)