Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It feels good to FINALLY be done with all my baking! Although I must say, it's very therapeutic for me. Hell, who am I kidding...I love doing it :)

Before we start our long, hectic day with our families, I thought I'd list a few things I'm very thankful for this year.

1- My husband. Yeah, that handsome guy you see on the right side of the page. He is the best thing that's EVER happened to me...hands down. I'm not sure where I'd be right now if I hadn't met him 3 years ago.

2- My family and friends...many of whom are both. They're all great people. Well, almost all of them ;)

3- Modern medicine. Without it, Frank and I would have ZERO chance of having our miracle baby someday.

4- Our daily lives, in general...our careers, our home, being financially comfortable, living so close to the greatest city in the world, always doing fun and new and exciting get the picture. I know not everyone has these luxuries, and even though we've worked our butts off for many years to get where we are, we're very thankful for it.

I hope all of you have plenty to be thankful for too. Enjoy your turkey!


Delilah said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mel! I'm saying a prayer for all of us facing IF at dinner tonight. Hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy and blessings.

Gillian said...

Hope you and Frank had a great Thanksgiving! :-)