Sunday, November 18, 2007

The upside to being in limbo...

You can drink. lol.

I've been craving sangria for a while now, but wasn't able to drink for a few months. A few friends were going to take me into Newark last weekend (the old "drowning sorrows" night out), but I came down with a nasty cold :(

So last night, at around 9pm, we peeled ourselves off the couch after watching American Gangster (bootleg copy, and a good one too! I highly recommend seeing the movie) and headed to Iberia. Frank indulged in one glass, and I gladly downed the rest of the pitcher. A FULL pitcher. And it was damn good.

Now I've been up since 8am getting stuff done around the house, and preparing dinner for some family coming over. You can bet a nice fat glass of cabernet will be part of my meal. My shots start up again next week, so I'm partaking in as much as I can until then.

Oh, and any ideas you may have for me so the next month FLIES by...please add in the comments section. My Christmas shopping is halfway done, my house is clean, I'm caught up on all my Tivo, I'm booked solid for all of Thanksgiving weekend (which is also our second anniversary!)...but still, the third week of December can't come fast enough. I just want this cycle done and over with.


Gillian said...

Two words: SPA DAY.. always therapudic and always necessary! :-) hope you had a wonderful dinner with the girls tonight..

Janine said...

Glad you are feeling better so that you can enjoy some drinks :)
My dad got a copy of that too - I have been meaning to watch it - glad to hear you liked it.
I'll be hoping for time to fly for you guys.