Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OB visit today...

I met another doctor in the practice today and liked him a lot. We talked about my history a bit as well as what's going on with me now. He mentioned how pleased he was with taking my GD seriously (how could I not?)...my weight was the same as my visit last month (still down 15 pounds since getting pregnant).

Then we talked about my swelling. He said that for now, because it's on both sides and it doesn't include my face, that it's normal. However, he talked about how GD and high BP could be associated with each other, so he wants me to be careful and aware of the swelling and how it progresses.

He also discussed the strong possibility of bedrest at some point, as well as "meeting your daughter early". Yikes.

All in all, everything is fine right now, and A is doing great. He wants me to go back to their office in 2 weeks for more monitoring (they took blood today) and this way I'll also be on a schedule where someone is seeing me every 2 weeks, between my OB practice and my high risk doctor.

Keep us in your thoughts that everything continues to go well...

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Gillian said...

Mucho vibes.. you're in the best possible hands though!