Friday, May 2, 2008

"Hi Daddy!"

That's exactly what Annabella said last night to Frank when she gave him 5 solid kicks in a row to feel. He's been waiting a while for this (I actually thought it would take longer)...he was so happy and all I could do was cry like a baby. It gave me so much joy to see his reaction to feeling her move...way more than it's given me and I've been feeling her for a while!

I've said it before...I still can't believe that we are experiencing this miracle. Now that her presence is more obvious (whether it's what I feel on the inside or how I look on the outside) I am constantly amazed. Our daughter is growing inside of me. Unbelievable.


Lisa said...

It really must be the most incredible feeling!! I don't know if it feels this way to you and Frank, but, to me, it feels like your pregnancy is going soooo fast, which is amazing since I've known since like day 1!!

Sarah said...

That is so wonderful, Melissa! It truly is the most incredible thing and I am so happy that you and Frank are experiencing it. It amazes every step of the way.

Just wait until AB says 'Hi Daddy' for real. Then you won't be able to stop the tears!

All the best for the three of you!

Linda said...

Wait till you have that baby in your arms or see Frank holding her. It's overwhelming. I'm so happy for you Melissa!

Alyson said...

It sounds like you are enjoying every moment! What an amazing experience - thanks for sharing it with us, too. <3 - Mrs.Aly&Mr.Jim

Anonymous said...

That was the best for me also. Seeing my husband's face the first time he felt her. Wait until you both hold her in your arms.

Nicole (mikeandnicole05)