Sunday, April 6, 2008

More creamed spinach, please...

I still can't get over how ravenous I am at certain times. I think back to the first trimester, when I could barely STEP INTO the kitchen, let alone eat...and now it's quite the opposite. I'll take it :)

A bunch of us went out to dinner for a friend's 40th last night. We went to a great steakhouse, which is perfect for my diet, and between 16 of us probably ordered about half the menu. Yeah, it was hard to pass on the mashed potatoes and many, many desserts (forget about the 30 bottles of wine, dirty martinis WITH BLEU CHEESE OLIVES!! and other liqueurs being enjoyed by everyone else) but I certainly had my fair share of the rest of what was there.

I swear, if my diet weren't restricted, I probably would've gained 25 pounds by now, as opposed to losing 15.

A few people last night who I haven't seen in a while asked what my cravings have been...I said, "Pretty much anything I'm not allowed to eat! See that chocolate lava cake I just passed over? That creme brulee over there? Yeah, that would be it...". So much for being unlike just about every other pregnant woman, who has the urge for an ice cream sundae and sends the hubby out at midnight :(

The miracle inside me is well worth all the sacrifices. Just remember, for those of you visiting me in the hospital when A and DQ blizzards...LOL

It was a fun night out with the crew...we got home around 2am and I was much so that I slept until 10am today! Talk about paradise! I haven't done that in ages :)

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