Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wait a sec...I'm pregnant?

Yeah, this is all still a little surreal to me...so couple that with the 'ease' of the second trimester, and there have definitely been moments when I have to remind myself there's a pea cooking in there!

It's usually in the middle of the day...when I'm not taking any drugs or injecting myself with a needle, and when I'm not as tired. I have been getting headaches (common in the 2nd tri, so 'they' say) but they come and go and aren't too bad.

Yesterday I started cleaning out the room that will be A's nursery, and got SO tired SO fast...it wiped me out for the rest of the day! Crazy.

I always remember in the middle of the night though...when I'm up and down for bathroom breaks and when my boobs decide to become hard as rocks. Tough to forget during those times. LOL.


Megan K said...

Isn't weird that you'll just do one small thing and then you are just wiped. That happened to me the other day after I gave the dogs a bath. I had to take it easy for like the rest of the day lol!


Anonymous said...

Aw Mel, I'm so happy to read these words from you =)!
I do the same thing...it's usually when I'm getting dressed in the morning and all of a sudden I look down and there's a bump there...completley surreal. Best wishes as the weeks roll bye!!!

Gillian said...

A???? A's room?? Ohhhh! Now, you've got me guessing.. or did I miss a post announcing a name? :-)

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Too funny - I think the same thing. Most times during the day I have to actually remind myself that I am pregnant.

I totally do not feel pregnant - that is until I take off my bra and have to literlly hold my boobs up because they hurt so bad.

I am still so excited for you guys!!!