Sunday, March 16, 2008


How is it possible to be so tired yet have major difficulty falling asleep? What's going to happen when I'm even bigger than I am now? Ugh. The snoogle helps but it's not doing the trick...

Yeah, I know, this is my body's way of 'preparing me' for when the baby comes. If one more person tells me that, I may have to deck them. How about, my body should be giving me all the sleep I need NOW since it's not happening in my future?

Fortunately, I'm feeling GREAT otherwise. I'm loving the second trimester!

Meanwhile, I STILL haven't bought a single thing for her. How long has it been now since we found out she's a least 3 weeks, right? This is so unlike me. I'm thinking this rainy Sunday afternoon, in addition to getting a few necessary things done around the house, will involve some online shopping :) Let's see if I can find some good sales...anyone know of any?

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to see you and see that growing belly!!

This rainy afternoon was probably good for sleeping, too!