Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She's looking good!

Got to see our little peanut again today...all is well. She was pretty mellow, actually...guess she was napping or something. Heart rate was 154. It was good to see her again...I'm still not used to the infrequent ultrasounds.

Oh, and I finally told my nieces that they're going to get a new cousin (they didn't know I was pregnant) and that it's a girl...they are so excited! I know they're looking forward to treating her like their little doll...I on the other hand am looking forward to them being able to babysit her in a few years :)

In other news...the insulin is fine, as are the belly shots. Nothing new about that to me. My blood sugar really seems to be becoming a major issue with this pregnancy...which concerns me somewhat...but we couldn't possibly be any more on top of it than we are already. Just have to take it day by day...

And, I started registering! Fun stuff! And quite overwhelming! If any moms out there have any favorite products, items, websites, etc (or things to stay away from)...please let me know...I'm open to suggestions :)


Gillian said...

Yay! I am so loving your updates. It is so great to keep reading about your progress..

I hope things continue to move along with your blood sugar issues, but like you said, you couldn't be any more on top of it than you already are.. so TRY not to stress! :-)

marree27 said...

YEY melissa, so awesome! Thank god things are finally looking up and your litlte peanuut is doing so well

The Infertile Mommy said...

I'm so glad that your little girl is doing well. I can imagine your excitement. Enjoy registering!

Kimberly said...

I love the macleran stroller - best umbrella stroller - so easy to use, light, great for traveling and you can get it in PINK!

I also bought a bumbleride stroller (more of an obscure brand) and do NOT recommend it whatsoever.

I LOVE LOVE my highchair too - The Chicco Polly. A snap to put together, easy to clean, etc.

registering is so much fun. enjoy!!!!!!!

Hopeful said...

I love the wipe warmer. In the middle of the night changing Amelia, she doesn't get shocked by a cold wipe.

Glad to hear things are going well.