Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling crappy but great appointments today

Guess who was lucky enough to get a stomach virus yesterday? Fun times. I feel awful :( I honestly thought this was it and I was starting labor...that's how bad it was all night long.

Frank stayed with me this morning and went to the high risk doctor since I was feeling so bad, but also hoping to get a peek at A's face. No luck. But she's doing great...practicing her breathing and moving her mouth (I'm sure she'll love to eat as much as Mommy and Daddy do!). All's well once again.

Afterwards I went to my endo, who praised me on doing such a great job, since day 1 of this pregnancy, managing my GD. She told me to tell all of my family/friends to bring LOTS of cookies and cake to the hospital after A is born...said I deserve it after being tortured for so long. I agree!

I lost another 5 pounds too, since last week! WTF?

OB tomorrow morning...hopefully that will go equally as well.

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