Thursday, June 5, 2008

Taking it easy this week

After seeing my OB on Monday and the look of fright on her face after seeing my feet and ankles, I thought it'd be best to take it easy for a while (she recommended the same). I haven't really done much besides run a few errands, and I went to the movies last night.

I have been able to get more done around the house though...A's closet is clear of everything except her stuff (and she's got quite a wardrobe already) and I purged some more of my things. The nursery furniture is being delivered on the 17th. We're making progress!

Let's see how I survive this upcoming weekend of 95 degree days. Like I've said before, I'd do anything for a pool right now...


Lisa said...

Go get one of those high-sided blow-up pools and plant your beach chair in there!!!

Alyson said...

Ugh - the weather really is atrocious, isn't it? Hope you are hanging in there with lots of cool air and cold drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!) -Mrs.Aly&Mr.Jim