Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am now officially an OB patient!

I just got back from my first OB appointment. Fun stuff. I got to see the baby again (heart rate is 169 and all looks well with the little booger) and we went over a TON of other stuff...I'm actually feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

We discussed my AMA and my sugar issue...they are monitoring me very closely which I'm happy about (especially since it's what I'm used to!). Overall it was a very good appointment...except I have a yeast infection :( More stuff to stick up my cooch...lovely! LOL

Oh and I lost 5 lbs. since my endocrinologist appointment 2 weeks ago. Guess the low carb diet is working...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is going well!
I lost weight during my pregnancy with my Gestational Diabetes.. never gained 1 lb!!! The doc's weren't worried because my belly was getting bigger each time they saw me, meaning the baby was growing.. So they were happy!

Congrats again... all the best!!


Kim S. said...

Hi Melissa! It is so exciting to graduate!!! Are you by any chance on vaginal progestorone suppositories? I was and after a while I could NOT tolerate it down there any more! They increased my shot level and we ditched the suppositories... so if you are on them, you might want to ask about stopping and upping your shot levels. Although it might have just been a west coast thing (I did IVF in CA) and my friends here who have done it don't seem to have done the suppositories. Just a thought! So glad all is going well!!!!

Adrienne said...

Congrats again and all the best to you, Frank, and Baby C!!

Alyson said...

So happy to hear everything is going well! Mrs.Aly&Mr.Jim

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going well.