Monday, February 25, 2008

11 pounds down

Who'd have thought being pregnant was the best diet out there for me? ;) And no, I'm not worried (and neither are my doctors)...those of you who know me know that I certainly wasn't a skinny minnie when I got pregnant!

Obviously the low carb diet is the reason...although my blood sugar numbers still aren't that great :( I was at my endocrinologist today and she wants me to get more bloodwork done tomorrow and see her again later this week. She keeps mentioning the "I" word (that would be insulin)...I guess we'll just see what happens...

One important message, to my's been a year and I still miss you tons. I hope you're watching over me and our baby...and you aren't telling this kid to be a pain in the ass the second he/she pops out :)


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Pregnancy was the best diet for me too!! As you know I had I was also on a low carb diet and I never gained a pound during my pregnancy. I lost a lot of weight.. The doc's were never worried either. The dietician was but my OB's weren't.. and the OB's were right.. there was nothing to worry about. My baby boy came out weighing 8lbs and HEALTHY! :)

(I think I need to go back on that diet, pretending to be PG again b/c I'm gainig some weight back!! LOL)

I'm sure your Grandma is watching over you and the baby and Frank...


Catherine said...

How come my low carb diet didn't shed the pounds? I GAINED every week of my pregnancy except two! ha/ha All 55 pounds were well worth it!

Your Grandma is definitely keeping an eye on both you and the little one!!

Catherine (cat429)

Lisa said...

Hey Melissa -- just wanted to let you know, MH (who is type 2 diabetic) was told he had to start on insulin last year. He was horrified at the thought of it but it has been better for him health-wise, his numbers have been steadier and better. Anything to keep you healthy for that little one, right? :)